Program Partner

MOC Pan-African Multi-Media

MOC Pan-African Multi-Media is a media company located in Cape Coast, Ghana. Umar ‘Hajj’ Mohammed founded the company 10 years ago. From musician management to filming documentaries, MOC Pan-African Multi-Media does it all. The central office includes a computer lab and a recording studio, where many talented upcoming musicians record their music. During MPAGE 2012, some students recorded songs with the artists. The product of their collaboration can be found here.

Mohammed is also the Ghana Programming Manager and Site Coordinator for MPAGE. He assists students with the adjustment to Ghanaian culture. MPAGE also benefits from his vast network. During MPAGE 2011 and 2012, students met the Paramount Queen Mother and Chiefs through his connections.

African University College of Comm. (AUCC)

AUCC International Relations Department extends our warmest welcome and appeal to the global student community to consider studying abroad at AUCC in the dynamic Republic of Ghana. We are strongly encouraging students from abroad to join us at AUCC in the pursuit of cross-cultural understanding and intellectual development. We equally send our students to our pathner universities in the USA. During any of our Spercial (Spring, Summer or Winter) Sessions or even an entire semester or academic year we can promise you one of the most engaging academic experiences you will ever have.

Please join us in Discovering ourselves from here: AUCC International Affairs


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