MPAGE 1867

MPAGE 1867 was created by Kobi Ansong, Morehouse College ’12. He was a former MPAGE participant and sought a way to repay the program that greatly changed his outlook on the world. The content is a collaboration of students and faculty of MPAGE 2012. 

During an expedition around the world with University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea, Kobi had the unique opportunity to assist the communications team by writing pieces about his experiences. He admired the unique and creative ways Semester at Sea told their story and presented an idea to do something similar for MPAGE to Dr. Hewitt.

The result was MPAGE 1867, enjoy!

Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE)

Morehouse College has established an innovative, co-ed, study abroad program, the Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE). The MPAGE program is unique because it relies primarily on the dynamism of young African American and African men and women, studying and sharing leadership with their counterparts throughout the African diaspora with the goal of social renaissance (rebirth). MPAGE provides the African Renaissance Studies 6-week summer study abroad curriculum, faculty development opportunities, student research internships and service learning. The programs are designed to allow you to experience contemporary cultures of African heritage shaped by different geo-political settings in a global world and to encourage cross-cultural dialogue. “Pan” means “across.” It is an opportunity to see across African diversity to what may be common – cultures and beliefs passed down from generation to generation, across seas and despite hardships.

Students from the diaspora and Africa study in MPAGE courses together to discover how societies can renew themselves through combining modern science, ancient knowledge of plants and nature, and adherence to principles of social justice. By permitting students to share skills with their counterparts in other nations, cross-cultural bonds will be formed and future socially responsible relationships established.

The MPAGE study abroad offers a unique opportunity for students (and some faculty) of other educational institutions to experience Morehouse’s signature brand of leadership development and scholarship within the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) tradition.


Evolution of African Humanities: From the Nile to the Niger to the Mississippi 

Learn the basics about ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) society and review the latest research on how culture spread across Africa, and beyond, with those ancient principles still intact.

Sustainable Development and African Ethnobotany

Learn how through combining modern science and ancient knowledge of plants, and adhering to social principles of justice, societies can renew themselves by creatively using plants to grow an economic base. Through ethnobotany – the study of the cultural or ethnic uses of plants – special plants, such as Moringa oleifera, can be identified and propagated to meet the full needs of communities – nutrition, health maintenance, renewable energy, fiber and building materials.

Ethics, Social Justice, and Gender Balance 

Learn African principles of community, ways of achieving consensus, balancing of authority and responsibilities between women and men, and resolving conflict, using the sankofa principle: the need to look back in order to know the way forward.

Social Entrepreneurship and Learning Through Service

Students are introduced to industries where Africa is the site of comparative advantage, such as the new, high value organic foods and nutraceutical industry. These products can be produced in African communities to solve domestic needs and marketed globally. By permitting students from America and Ghana to study together in MPAGE classes, under the leadership of the Queen Mothers of the land, an ethic of mutual caring and cross-cultural bonds will be formed, and future socially responsible business relationships promoted.


MPAGE Director

Dr. Cynthia Lucas Hewitt,

Associate Professor, Sociology

The Global Education Office

The Andrew Young Center for International Affairs


MPAGE Faculty

Dr. Mansa Bilal King, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dr. Samuel Livingston, Associate Professor, History

Dr. David Wall Rice, Associate Professor, Psychology


Kwabena Ansong – Media Director

Umar Mohammed – Ghana Programming Manager and Site Coordinator 

Learn more about the educational opportunities of MPAGE and apply today:



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