Nyame Nshira Wo (God Bless You)

(Kamau Grimes poses with a Ghanaian street vendor in front of Cape Coast Castle)

The MPAGE 2012 program was single-handedly the most well rounded and amazing experience of my whole life. I always told myself that if I did not study abroad during my undergraduate years that I would sincerely regret it. I thank God and Dr. Cynthia Hewitt that I can live my life with no regrets, and that I was able to embody the principle of Sankofa, returning to one’s roots.  Before MPAGE I had never been outside the east coast let alone Africa. After living in Ghana for a month I can now saw that I am a global citizen.

(Brandon Bates, Emmanuel Saint-Ange, and Kamau Grimes practice Yoga at the Pan-African Student Summit)

I sincerely doubt that my experience in Ghana would have been half as complete without the MPAGE program.  We were integrated into so many aspects of Ghanain culture.  We went from city to city and from town to town. We connected the dots between pre-colonial Africa to modern day Africa. We went from meeting the queen Mothers in the village of Gomoa Darhom to Accra’s number one hip-hop radio station, 107.9 YFM.

We went from walking on a canopy bridge at the top of a rainforest to a Gala held by prominent African-Americans living in Ghana.  I met Dr. James Small, who was a close friend and colleague of Malcolm X as well as Dahveed Nelson who is the only surviving member of the acclaimed Last Poets.  Along with these noteworthy gentlemen, I was also able to meet many other African-Americans who now live in Ghana. This is inspirational, as I believe it us up to Africa’s children to return home and restore her to greatness.

There is even organization designed for African diasporans to comfortably assimilate to African culture during a visit or a move. All Diasporans should visit the African Union Diaspora Africa Forum in Accra located right by the WEB DuBois house for more information about integrating easier into Ghanain life. 

(Students gather outside of the Diaspora Africa Forum)

One of the best experiences of MPAGE was the family bonding that came from living with the other MPAGE participants. Many of us did not know one another beforehand, but now we will forever be connected. By our once in a lifetime experience    I love all of you. Roman, Jordan, Kobi, Khadijah, Borley, Brandon, Albert, Robert, Jomo, Emmanuel,  Dr. Hewitt, Dr. Livingston, Dr. Rice, and my Ghanain family  HAJJ, Abdul, Emmanuel, Ibrahim, Florence, Gifti,  little Kofi, Festus and Gabriel….. God Bless You … Nyame Nshira Wo.

Written by Kamau Grimes

Atlanta, Georgia, August 7, 2012


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