Work it Out

The main theme of Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE) is to explore Pan-Africanism as a cross-cultural dialogue. During MPAGE 2012, students had the unique opportunity to create music with very talented Ghanaian/Nigerian artists managed by Umar ‘Hajj’ Mohammed, founder of MOC Pan-African Multimedia company and MPAGE’s site coordinator. Music is the entity that transcends all boarders, cultures, and ideologies. By creating music with our West African peers MPAGErs were able to bridge a gap, bring our worlds together, and literally participate in a cross cultural dialogue with music as the language. The song is not solicited or sponsored by MPAGE or its directors. It was an independent project that manifested because students fully immersed in Ghanaian culture. They met musicians and one day recorded ‘Work it Out’. It was even played on the Sunday night show of Accra’s number one radio show, Y107.9 FM. Check out the product of this experiment.

 Written by Kwabena ‘Kobi’ Ansong

Atlanta, Georgia, August 13, 2012


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