Pan African Student Summit

(2012 Pan-African Student Summit banner)

On Day 10, July 18th, for the first time in MPAGE history, students arrived at the annual Pan-African Student Summit located at the Sankofa Beach House in Accra. Masao Meroe, an African-American attorney who relocated to Ghana with his family over two decades ago, founded the program.

(MPAGErs arrive at the 2012 conference)

The Sankofa Educational Foundation of Ghana organizes the Pan-African Student Summit each year with the purpose of connecting students from Africa and its diasporas. This year, the unique program united about 40 students from the United States, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Togo, Ghana, amongst other African/African diaspora states.

Students were heartily greeted by the summit’s directors when they arrived. Dinner was served and students participated in an icebreaker activity with their new colleagues. At the breakout meeting, students were informed that they were to begin each morning at 6AM with Yoga before each day’s sessions.

(Albert Brady participates in icebreaker) 

The Summit shed light on a vast array of topics that many MPAGErs never considered. Topics included: bio-diesel, the detrimental oil industry, entrepreneurship, investing, and many more.

(Clark Atlanta professor, Dr. Myron Williams does a bio-diesel demonstration) 

On the summit’s final night, every student was instructed to make a creative offering in the form of dance, song, skit, or etc. Two Ghanaian students, Adwao and Sheela, perfomed a ceremonial Asante dance, Beninese students demonstrated Capoeira, a martial-arts inspired Brazilian dance, while MPAGErs performed the Morehouse hymn and a play written by Emmanuel Saint-Ange.

MPAGErs left the program with empowering knowledge and a slew of international connections.

Written by Kwabena ‘Kobi’ Ansong

July 26, 2012, Cape Coast, Ghana


One thought on “Pan African Student Summit

  1. Good job! This is a wonderful life experience for all the participants. What a privilege to have this opportunity to give back with both time and talents. Kudos to the organizers!

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