The Elmina Castle: Photo Essay

Slavery has been abolished for over a century, but in the Elmina Castle slave dungeons the stench was alive and pungent. On Day 8, July 14, 2012, MPAGErs visited another slave castle in Cape Coast, Elmina.  Elmina was the first slave castle built in Ghana and it is 200 years older than the Cape Coast Castle. Built by the Portuguese, Elmina was the hub for the Brazilian slave trade. Later, it was acquired by the British and used as a prison where it detained King Prempe 1, and Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa when they refused to acquiesce the golden stool of the Asante people. Below is a photo essay of our visit: 

(MPAGers ate lunch at the Biriwa Beach Hotel before heading to Elmina)

(Robert Shannon, Hajj Mohammed, and Roman Johnson have a laugh after lunch)

(Fishermen prepare for a 24-hr fishing trip outside of Elmina)

(Entrance to Elmina Castle)

(Entrance to male dungeon)

(View from the top of Elmina Castle of Cape Coast’s fishing market)

(Church in the middle of castle)

(Very narrow gate of no return)

Written by Kwabena ‘Kobi’ Ansong

Cape Coast, Ghana, July 17, 2012


One thought on “The Elmina Castle: Photo Essay

  1. I still wonder what Christianity meant during those days because how can you have a church in the middle of the castle where enslaved people were being kept and maltreated. At Cape Coast, church services were being held right above the male dungeon were people were suffering. Am still yet to understand all that.

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