Home to Grandmother: A Quaye Story

(Borley’s two aunts and grandmother)

Words can’t describe how much I love my grandmother, Naa Borley.  Throughout my childhood, my father has displayed high regards for his parents.  He always talked about how my grandmother was a great wife to her husband, a wonderful mother to her children, and an overall staple for our family.  I guess that’s why he gave me her name, Borley Grace Quaye.

When I arrived to my grandmother’s compound last Sunday, July 8th, she was sitting on the same bench she sat on three years ago when I first visited.  Her face lit up immediately when she saw me.  Out of several grandchildren, my grandmother only has one named Borley.  I walked over and bowed to show respect; then, I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek.  She doesn’t speak English, but our relationship has always been intimate and heartfelt.

She made sure I had everything I needed and even made sure my favorite meal was served, stew and chicken. Once I looked over and saw her watching me eat my food with a smile on her face. Priceless! She turned after a second and started laughing (probably remembering my azonto demonstration). I was only with her for twelve hours, but knowing that she was able to have me in her care for a short time was more than worth it.

Written by: Borley Quaye

Cape Coast, July 9, 2012


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