Accra Mall: Day 3


(Accra Mall entrance)

Crowded parking lots reminded me of the typical American mall. The similarities between the Accra Mall and any American mall were astonishing. There’s an Apple Store, a Super Wal-Mart type store, a Nike store, jewelry stores, clothing stores, and even a movie theater.


(Roman Johnson and Dr. Hewitt pick up a few groceries at Accra Mall)

The store employees were very friendly and it appeared that customer service is not only a priority, but also a way of life. As I shopped in the mall a feeling of comfort washed over me, and I truly felt at home. The feeling is inexplicable; one must be here to truly understand.

The highlight of our Accra Mall escapades was an amazing little boy who followed me to my seat at the mall’s food court. His mother, a middle-aged woman wearing a traditional Ghanaian dress, smiled as he climbed onto my lap. The interaction was very precious and it made the whole table ecstatic.


(Albert Brady holds little boy at the Accra Mall)

Written by: Albert Brady

July 11, 2012, Cape Coast, Ghana


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