Akwaaba (welcome) from Accra!


(Albert Brady, Morehouse Senior, arrives in Accra, Ghana)

After a two-hour flight delay (something to do with overweight cargo), MPAGErs started a 12-hour journey across the Atlantic. For most MPAGErs, it would be their first time to the motherland since their ancestors took the brutal middle passage four centuries ago. The plane landed at noon, and Africa welcomed MPAGErs with sunshine and humidity. Surprisingly, Accra was a relief from the oven called “summertime in Atlanta.”

Three MPAGErs are delayed until Monday due to passport issues. We will stay at the Afia Hotel, a beautiful beach resort in Accra, until their arrival.  Next, stop Cape Coast.


(Balcony view from Afia Hotel room)

The first day was fairly relaxed.  MPAGErs ate dinner and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  MPAGEr and Spelman alumna, Borley Quaye’s father is Ghanaian.  She has only been to Ghana one time and the visit was brief.  When her family learned about her arrival, they were at the hotel within hours.  It was all hugs, smiles, and laughs as her aunts, uncle, and cousins welcomed her to back to her father’s home.


(Borley with her aunts and little cousin)


(Borley and her cousin, Billy)

Written by Kwabena ‘Kobi’ Ansong

July 7, 2012, Accra, Ghana


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