(Sankofa Symbol)

In Ghanaian folklore there is an Adinkra symbol that displays a bird with its head turned backwards taking an egg off its back. The symbol is called “Sankofa,” which means “embrace your roots.” On Thursday, that is exactly what MPAGErs plan to do.

From the daunting Cape Coast Castle where millions of slaves bid farewell to their home, to the bustling streets of Accra, and the Songhai Centre, one of Africa’s largest sustainable communities, Spelhouse students will be immersing their selves into the African culture.  There will be laughter, conversations, challenges, and knowledge at every step of the journey.

This blog is so you guys can cross the Atlantic and take this epic adventure with us.  Are you ready?

Written by: Kwabena ‘Kobi’ Ansong

July 3, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia



4 thoughts on “Sankofa

  1. you guys are welcome back to africa and i hope your experience adds to your knowledge and i personally can’t wait to read about it all. am following…….

  2. Many thanks to you for this, Kobe! I hope to follow you all in real time, or maybe a day or two behind. Keep the pics and commentary coming.

  3. Kobe, thanks for the blog. It is really touching to follow your experiences. Like many, I wish I could be there, but you are giving us a window to look through. Thanks. More pictures. More stories. I know you all are busy! You will look back on this as a great experience, and I am happy for you. God bless, and keep you safe in your travels.

  4. Hi Kobe, your Mom shared this blog with me. I loved the pictures and stories. I almost feel like I am there. Enjoy your time there. Thanks for sharing

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